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Why Aqua Hero?

What are the Pro Mate 6's Super Powers?


The Hellenbrand ProMate 6 standard & Dual Media system has many advantages over standard big box and wholesale options. 

1. The first is of course ME. I have been selling, installing and servicing water treatment equipment here at the lake since 1993. I formerly did business as Always Soft Water until 2014 when I created Aqua Hero as my new company and image.


3. AUTOMATIC VACATION SWITCH! Never worry about the softener when turning the water off and on. The softener knows if the water is off and waits for it to be turned back on automatically. Never unplug and reset or manually cycle your softener again.

4. SUPER SCRUB CYCLE every 10th regeneration. All our softeners are operated at HIGH EFFICIENCY SALT DOSAGE, so to help keep the resin bed fully charged and cleaner the ProMate softener increases the salt dosage 50% every 10th regeneration to give the system a BOOSTER clean.

5. SMART DEMAND TECHNOLOGY keeps track of your water use over a two month period and learns your water use patterns! The system learns you only use your condo on weekends.

6. VOLUME OVERRIDE will start an override cycle after 15 minutes of no water usage is detected when there is a sudden spike in water usage like holiday weekends.

7. If you have CHLORINE! DUAL MEDIA SYSTEM REMOVES CHLORINE EVERYWHERE! Stops the damage Chlorine does to your plumbing, your laundry and most importantly YOU and your FAMILY. No more filter pitchers to get a good tasting glass of water, even the ice will taste better. Note: your body will absorb more Chlorine through your skin, eyes, nose and lungs in a 5 minute shower than you would get drinking eight glasses of the same water from your tap.